World Usability Day 2015 Berlin | (Englisch) Failing >> fast forward

(Englisch) Failing >> fast forward

Many of the attempts to start new digital products or business ideas fail. In most cases because companies try to tackle new problems with the same old tools (organizational structures, methods, processes) that created the problems in the first place. So, how to avoid such and other traps and provide valuable experiences?

During our more than a decade-long experience with digital projects in corporate and start-up contexts, we have identified a toolset that we consider essential for product innovators. It is based on on the principles of Lean UX, Design Thinking and Agile methodologies, pragmatic and straight-forward.

After our 90 min. workshop the participants will be equipped with insights to the agile innovation process, have an understanding of fundamental tools and be able to initiate the process in their own work environment.

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  • Raum 4

    11.00 - 12.30

    Agnieszka Walorska
    Wolfram Knelangen

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Agnieszka M. Walorska is a founder of a digital transformation consultancy CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION. Agnieszka is a speaker and author of publications on User Experience and digital innovation. She has lead successful UX and innovation projects for banks, energy, insurance and media companies. Agnieszka is dealing with digital innovation and UX for more then 1/3 of her life now. When not solving UX- and innovation-problems, she’s training for the next triathlon.

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Wolfram Knelangen is a consultant and coach for technology companies, specialized in product development methodologies for innovation. During his 15 years in music technology, he helped pioneering many of the digital instruments and tools being used in contemporary music production.Combining his knack for music, technology and people, Wolfram also shoots portrait photography for musicians, bands and DJs.

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