World Usability Day 2015 Berlin | Workshop: Getting a Grasp on UX

Workshop: Getting a Grasp on UX

Presenting a hands-on methodology inspired by LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
Forget Brainstorming - Start Handstorming! In our hands-on, strictly analogue session, teams will collaborate, building metaphors with LEGO® bricks, and conjuring meaning through story making and playing out various use case scenarios. Participants will take with them an analogue minimum viable prototyping (MVP) tool and the ability to express themselves in a new and haptic way. With this tool under their belt participants will be equipped with a new way of approaching participatory design, achieving a more human-centric focus in their work process. This workshop has a limited number of participants. The sign up form has been closed. (A waiting list will be provided at the registration on November 13th.)
Cori Moore Point-Blank International
Cori is all about bringing new ideas & people into PBI. As the residentmultitasking octopus, she’s always at some event, running workshops, tweetingor blogging. Cori bridges the gap between research & innovation, specialising in moderating interactive workshops, favouring methodologies such as haptic prototyping, theatre Improv & LEGO® Serious Play®. Her most recent conference appearances were for BVM, EPIC & NEXT. LinkedIn-Profil