World Usability Day 2015 Berlin | (Englisch) How to get why from numbers

(Englisch) How to get why from numbers

A few years ago, un-moderated remote usability testing popped up as a new innovative UX research method. It was recognised that it is a great method for testing lots of people, anywhere in the world and in a cost effective way. However, the criticism was then that this method can only provide success/failure rates. But that it cannot provide actionable insights, because it cannot explain the WHY: Why do people fail, and where. The myth still persists today.

The workshop will debunk this myth by providing a hands-on method to attendees for obtaining the WHY from the numbers of their un-moderated remote usability test. The method can be used with most popular remote usability testing tools.

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  • Raum 2

    15.30 - 17.00

    Sabrina Mach & James Page

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Sabrina Mach

Sabrina Mach is co-founder at Webnographer, a technology and research firm that uses data to understand online user behaviour. She has 7 years of experience in providing actionable insights that help companies design better products. Sabrina has worked with brands such as Electrolux, Vodafone, ABInBev, GoodYear, and many others. She frequently gives talks on remote usability testing in Europe and the US.

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James Page

James Page is co-founder at Webnographer, a technology and UX research firm that is helping to change the way companies carry out online behavioural research. He has 25 years of experience in creating and launching innovative products. James first started off as a programmer, but then became an entrepreneur to make his ideas become reality. James frequently gives talks on innovation, software development, and remote usability testing across Europe.

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