World Usability Day 2015 Berlin | Keynote: Measuring user engagement: the do, the do not do, and the we do not know

Keynote: Measuring user engagement: the do, the do not do, and the we do not know

In the online world, user engagement refers to the quality of the user experience that emphasises the phenomena associated with wanting to use an application longer and frequently. User engagement is a multifaceted, complex phenomenon; this gives rise to a number of measurement approaches. Common ways to evaluate user engagement include self-report measures, e.g., questionnaires; physiological methods, e.g. cursor and eye tracking; and web analytics, e.g., number of site visits, click depth. These methods represent various trade-off in terms of the setting (laboratory versus in the wild), object of measurement (user behaviour, affect or cognition) and scale of data collected. This talk will present various efforts aiming at combining approaches to measure engagement. A particular focus will be what these measures individually and combined can tell us and not tell about user engagement. The talk will use examples of studies on news sites, social media, and native advertising.

Mounia Lalmas
Yahoo Labs

Mounia Lalmas is a Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs London. Prior to this, she held a Microsoft Research/RAEng Research Chair at University of Glasgow. Before that, she was Professor of Information Retrieval at at Queen Mary, University of London. Her work focuses on developing models and metrics of user engagement in areas such as native advertising, digital media, social media, and search, and across devices (mobile, desktop and tablet). She also pursue research in social media and search.